I have over 8 years experience working within web design. Over them years I have been specializing as a  freelance WordPress CMS designer and web developer

My current WordPress services I offer my clients include WordPress web design, WordPress Theme design, eCommerce websites using Woo Commerce, SEO optimization

Using WordPress as my go to platform offers myclients the best Content Management System on the market today.

Being a freelance web designer I keep up to date with best practices in HTML, CSS, CMS and all things web. My approach is to create a website that helps your company’s brand while ensuring that’s its easy to use.

I’ve built sites for businesses in a number of different sectors including entertainment, hospitality, beauty, business, retail and more.

While I’m based in Dublin, I can help you with your project no matter where you are located.

Stage 1: Research & Discovery

At the initial discovery stage I research different approaches and strategies for achieving your goals and requirements.

Stage 2: Design

I encourage a collaborative approach and keep regular contact with you during this key phase.

Stage 3: Development

I can then start building out the website pages and integrating the content management system (CMS).

Stage 4: Testing & Content Entry

I enter the agreed amount of content checking the new website at multiple screen sizes, across multiple browsers and operating systems.

Stage 5: Draft Supplied

I supply a website draft to you and we finalise what changes are needed.

Stage 6: Design complete / Website Maintenance

I upload your website to your hosting provider and offer website maintenance where needed in the future.



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